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"In this extraordinary exchange, David Gottlieb, speaking from a Zen perspective, pinpoints the critical questions modern Jews are moved to ask of their tradition, and Akiva Tatz, with kindness, patience and consummate skill, answers with the voice of a fully developed spiritual Judaism. This is a fascinating book: the most serious contribution in this field to date."

Zoketsu Norman Fischer, Former Abbot of the San Francisco Zen Center, Founder and Teacher of the Everday Zen Foundation

"Letters to a Buddhist Jew is, in my estimation, one of the most important Jewish books published in English in recent times."

Sara Yoheved Rigler,

Exploring Judaism From a Zen Perspective

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A well-known Torah scholar and lecturer based in London, Rabbi Akiva Tatz had for some time sought to learn why disaffected Jews were drawn in such large numbers to Eastern religions. Then, in late 2002, he received an e-mail from David Gottlieb, an American Jew in Chicago immersed in Buddhism, trying to reconnect with Judaism but missing the depth of Jewish faith.

Their year-long correspondence resulted in Letters to a Buddhist Jew, a lively, rigorous conversation on spirituality seasoned with humor.

This is an important book on many levels, but for secular Jews with a spiritual yearning, it illuminates realms of Judaism they may never have known existed, some of which have much in common with aspects of Buddhism. Whatever choices they make, this book will engross readers and advance their understanding of both religions.